Samantha J X Chamberlain MSc
Owner & founder

Hi! My name is Sam and I have been in the health & fitness industry since 1989! Yes, the Jane Fonda era with floppy socks & matching bandanas!

My early career began with several well known fitness qualifications working at City University where I also acquired an MSc in Exercise & Health Behaviour before I ventured into a more health related remit as a Senior Development Manager in London. 

I specialised in Exercise Referral, Older Adults, Falls Prevention, Osteoporosis & Cardiac Rehab gaining qualifications and experience in all those areas. I am  a Low Back Pain specialist and have a Rehabilitation Pilates qualification. I am also continuing with ongoing training as a Pilates Therapist.  I then worked closer to home  as a Senior Cardiac Therapist for the NHS in West Herts with an Exercise Specialism after having given birth to twins (yikes!) It became clear I needed to work for myself fitting in around a busy family life to focus on my passion  which lay more in Pilates based movement.  

I work very closely with a group of local clinicians, Osteopath's, Physiotherapist's and Massage Therapists, if further input is needed whilst working with me.  I am happy to liaise with your current clinician, if you have one,  to ensure a good continuity of care is taken to obtain the best results for you.