Membership is to the 10.00am class each Monday of the month that you have paid for.


Payment is required per calendar month and is payable in advance by the 25th of each month via standing order.


Current pricing is £60.00 per calendar month. 

A payment of £120 is required upon joining.  This consists of your membership for the first month and a one month deposit. 

I require one months’ notice should you wish to discontinue or cancel your membership. 

If you do provide me with one months’ notice, the deposit will allow you to attend classes for your final month of F2F classes. 

If you do not provide me with one months’ notice, your deposit will be used to cover this situation.  This will allow me to find and offer your space to a new client.  The deposit would NOT be returned to you. 

It is YOUR responsibility to cancel your membership within the given timeframe otherwise there will be no refunds given.

No refunds/transfer of classes to another household individual or class is permitted. 

I reserve the right to change or cancel classes, provide cover if required or take holiday with advance notice to all subscribing members.

There will be NO classes should they fall on a Bank Holiday

Membership Includes:

  1. Entry to the Monday 10.00am F2F class per week.
  2. Each class is One hour in length and includes relaxation.
  3. Your space in your pre-allocated class is secured for a month.
  4. If you are unable to attend your class, you have access to my Zoom recording for that week if you are unable to attend.  This is at YOUR request.
  5. As part of your F2F membership you will be signed up for any information/events which will be sent to you via your email address.  REMEMBER YOU CAN UNSUBSCRIBE FROM EMAILS AT ANY TIME.

Payment Details

Payment by 25th of each month via standing order to:

S. Chamberlain

Sort Code: 30-94-57

Account number:  00900725


Booking Policy and General Guidelines for F2F Classes

  1. If you have no Pilates knowledge, entry will be via a 1:1 initial assessment, unless more clinical input is required.
  2. If you are a new comer to functional pilates you will also be required to complete a PARQ form (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire).
  3. Clients are requested to provide their own equipment to bring to class, please ask the teacher for suggestions.
  4. The class lasts for one hour including relaxation.
  5. Please respect all other clients and arrive to the class approx. 5 minutes before the start time.
  6. If you are more than 10 minutes late the teacher reserves the right to refuse admission as you will have missed the warmup session.
  7. In case of teacher illness, we will do our best to cover the class, but we cannot guarantee this. In which case a class recording will be provided to you via email.

Booking Policy and Exercise Specific Guidelines

  1. Please inform the class teacher before a class if you have any new health issues (back, neck, etc).
  2. If you have any new health issues you may be asked to complete a new PARQ form.
  3. Please move within your limitations within class. DO NOT WORK INTO ANY PAIN YOU MAY EXPERIENCE.
  4. If an exercise is too strong or produces pain, STOP, pick another move or stretch out. Choose a movement you know you can manage safely and speak to your teacher for further advice.
  5. It is your responsibility to move within your limitations.
  6. Any request for a refund due to long-term ill-health or major surgery can be discussed on an individual basis prior to or at the time.  This cannot be requested after the event.