I have never done Pilates before - can I still join your classes?

You can indeed!

However, prior to joining Zoom classes you will need to see me for an assessment. (Either 1:1 via Zoom or in my Studio, if local). This will enable you to get the most out of your sessions when you take part. Studio classes are more general, whilst 1:1 is tailormade to suit you and your body.  I always vary themes to keep you on your toes!

I have been recommended to do Pilates for a current issue - what do I do?

An initial consultation with me would be your starting point.

I would need to assess your posture, movement or muscle length depending on your issue. The number of sessions you require is dependant on how quickly you pick up the moves and how often you do your homework! You will progress far more quickly if you practise at home but coming to regular classes is a must.

Can I do both classes and private sessions?

Of course you can!

Classes are a great way to join and meet other people.  Classes have a more general approach to movement followed by relaxation. I predominantly teach these via Zoom.  I also recommend clients have a private session, which are specific to yourself and any issues you may have, but also to check technique, thus achieving more input to ensure your group classes are more effective.  All sessions are 1 hour long.

What do I need to wear & do I need my own equipment?

Always wear comfy loose fitting clothing and bare feet

If you prefer to wear socks make sure you are not on a slippery surface. I would advise you have certain pieces of equipment at home if doing Zoom classes as this will make classes more effective and adds variety. Small equipment is cheap and I can advise you what is best. Have water with you too.