General Guidelines for an Initial Assessment or 1:1

  1. I am very conscious of my clients and their needs, therefore for you to join functional pilates Zoom classes, I require you to undertake a 1:1
  2. This allows me to fully understand the level you can work to
  3. It also enables me to assess any injuries or specialist needs you may have in order for me to adapt exercises for you to participate in classes

Individual Pricing for Initial Assessment or 1:1

£65.00 per Initial Assessment or 1:1

Payment via bank transfer

No refunds/transfer of classes to another household individual or friend

Pricing for a course of 5 x 1:1's

£285.00 for a course of 5

A course must be used within 6 months of purchase

No refunds/transfer of classes to another household individual or friend

Payment Details

Payment by bank transfer to:

S. Chamberlain

Sort Code: 30-94-57

Account number:  00900725


Pricing Includes:

  1. For an Initial Assessment, an hour long consultation is required to assess your needs, either in person or via Zoom
  2. For a 1:1 class, this is a specific programme for you and is designed to aid with any specific injuries or medical issues you may be experiencing

Exercise Specific Guidelines

  1. Please move within your limitations within any class.  DO NOT WORK INTO ANY PAIN YOU MAY EXPERIENCE
  2. If an exercise is too strong or produces pain, STOP, pick another move or stretch out.  Choose a movement you know you can manage safely and speak to your teacher
  3. It is your responsibility to move within your limitations